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My partner, 44yrs old, with two young children, had a massive heart attack one night while playing tennis and died. The greatest relief was having life insurance.  I think back on all those times my partner and I questioned the level of cover we were paying for.  I am so grateful now that we took heed of Gregor’s advice…… I have no hesitation in recommending Financial Lifestyle.  Their professionalism and commitment to their clients is second to none


Megan Brownhill
Lifestyle Customer

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Risk Management

Risk ManagementLife’s risks may not seem obvious but could have a dramatic impact emotionally and financially.

Having a clear picture of your financial position and the options open to you will mean that you can make a conscious and informed decision in respect to ‘Life’s Risks’.

We will be able assist you in working out your financial aspirations so you can take the first step to achieving your goals.



S – Seek out the risks: Identify what could stop you reaching your goals

M – Minimise: The financial impact by taking precautions

A – Avoid: Risks whenever possible

R – Retain: The risk if you can’t insure against it or if the impact is negligible

T – Transfer: The risk using insurance and other financial strategies.

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