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To the team at Financial Lifestyle,

Having started with one company and expanding to a total of five with a combined turnover of many millions of dollars. It has been a relief to know that in terms of insurance,  Financial Lifestyle Ltd has always correctly gauged our requirements and  worked in our best interests on all counts.   It’s almost like having a family member looking after you!


Lifestyle Customer

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InvestmentA mortgage no matter what size is generally the largest debt you will ever take on in your lifetime, and added to this it will likely stay with you for a lifetime if you do not have a good debt payment plan.

So it is a surprise to know that many people spend more time purchasing a new car than working out the best mortgage options available.

There are so many options from how much you should borrow, which lender, fix or float the rate, what term, and so many more aspects of the mortgage decision process. Over and above the saying is true, if you don’t know what to ask you don’t ask…

At Financial Lifestyle we will assist you each step of the way from helping you work out how much debt you should take on, to the best lender available for you, and finally and most importantly the best loan structure to suit your needs and requirements.


How we can help you

For new mortgage holders:

An initial meeting to discuss what it is you are seeking to do –

  1. Purchase a new home
  2. Purchase a rental investment
  3. Build a property

We will then complete a written review for you outlining what we discussed in the meeting, our recommendations for you and the next steps to take in your mortgage application process.

  1. This can include your purchasing and borrowing capacity
  2. What the loan payments would be expected to be – for your budget
  3. Any loan structure and lender information applicable to you at that time

We can then complete a loan submission to the lender(s) on your behalf. To complete this we will need to collect a loan application form and documents. We will provide the list of information to you within the Meeting Review.

After we have your information, we will review and work out which lender will best suit your requirements; this will be discussed with you. The application will be sent to the lender for approval.

Once we have an approval we will meet with you again to discuss the loan structure, this can be one of the most important meetings as we will discuss;

  1. Fix or float – or split the mortgage to different payment terms
  2. How long the loan term should be
  3. How frequently to pay the loan
  4. How you can reduce the debt faster – if you wish

We will then follow the process with you until you settle or take possession of your new property.

The lenders pay us a commission for this service so you don’t need to.


For current mortgage holders:

There is no time like the present to review your current mortgage structures, as life changes so does your debt structure requirements. If you have not completed a review in the past 12 months we urge you to do so.

The review will be at no cost to you and can be completed as a meeting or a phone call whichever is your preference.


If you have any further questions please email us at


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