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I have worked with Gregor and the team at Financial Lifestyle Ltd for more than 3 years, firstly in my personal capacity as a client, and then using them as a business partner that I refer my clients on to.

Both my wife and my medical histories are challenging, to say the least. Gregor and his team have managed to get life cover on us both, at acceptable prices and on realistic terms, despite the medical conditions. They are also proactively monitoring our situations with a view to reducing loadings as quickly as possible.


Stuart Duncan Director

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Insurance Have you found that there never seems to be a convenient time to put money aside for insurance


Life Cover

Life cover provides a lump sum payment upon the death of the insured person.

It is essential for individuals with family, business or other financial commitments that could be placed in jeopardy in the event of their death.

Have you considered the financial strain on your dependants should they be left to support themselves. Will they be able to maintain their current lifestyle and still afford:

  • Funeral costs
  • Estate services
  • Counselling costs
  • Child care
  • Children’s school fees both now and in the future
  • Daily living expenses
  • Hire purchase payments
  • Mortgage repayments
  • Existing debts
  • Business debts and running costs

“Life Insurance is a money business. Life insurance permits you to transfer the responsibility of fulfilling certain financial obligations that are too big for you too handle to someone else who can guarantee completion. As a Broker I can negotiate the transfer.”


Accident or illness Cover

Have you considered the financial strain you may be faced with if you are unable to work for an extended period? Will you be able to maintain your current lifestyle and still afford:

  • Medical expenses
  • Daily living expenses Insurance premiums such as house, contents or your life cover Hire purchase payments
  • A planned holiday
  • Mortgage repayments
  • Existing debts
  • Business debts and running costs
  • Counselling costs
  • Child care
  • Children's school fees both now and in the future
  • Retirement fund

There are products designed to alleviate your financial concerns should you suffer an illness or accident that prevents you from working. Cover for accident or illness provides valuable assistance for your recovery by providing the ability to make effective rehabilitation plans.
You can choose to receive funds either monthly or as a lump sum payment. The cover you put in place today will provide you with long term peace of mind – if you suffer an illness or injury, you will have income when you need it most.


Personal health plans

Our health insurance policies help protect you against the more costly expenses of private hospitalisation and surgery, which can have a big financial impact. Following are examples of the types of costs normally covered under our health insurance policies:

  • Surgical costs including surgeon's fees and anaesthetist fees
  • Hospital charges in relation to confinements required for medical illness or surgery
  • Specialist Visits
  • Diagnostic Tests
  • GP visits

We usually recommend that visits to your GP, are funded by you, and the more unpredictable and significant costs, such as surgery and hospital confinement, are taken care of under your insurance cover. This results in lower premiums for you!


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