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Before being introduced to Gregor I didn’t have any idea of the mess my insurances and investments were in.

After a very comprehensive review of all of my personal and business needs, putting together what cover and policies I had, I now feel completely at ease that I have the cover that I require and should have. Not only this but Gregor has also saved me money and advised me of cover and benefits I didn’t even know that I had in the existing policies.

I can highly recommend Financial Lifestyle Ltd and in particular Gregor Mansfield to provide the best advice and service.


Jeff Fuller
Satisfied Customer

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Why should I use an adviser ? 

An adviser is able to assist you with risk planning.  They will be able to give you recommendations based on their experience and knowledge. For most individuals, the insurance adviser is the first and sole contact with an insurance company. An adviser helps people select an insurance policy and also aids in the ensuing paperwork and documentation, including claims. Insurance has a vital role to play in each individual’s portfolio from the perspective of protecting against risks in case of any eventuality.

"People who seek help from a financial adviser save nearly twice as much for retirement than those who don't seek advice... People who seek help from a financial adviser have less anxiety, worry and uncertainty about their future retirement years than those who chose to go it alone without professional advice."


Can Financial Lifestyle look after my business & Personal Insurance?

Yes, first-hand exposure to the risks businesses face and experience in financial needs analysis and risk assessment allows us to help our clients with analysing and minimising their risks through planning. When a needs analysis is completed a better result is achieved when there is a complete picture.


What does best practice mean?
Running your business to produce results of the most excellent or desirable type or quality - in the most appropriate, advantageous, or well advised way (Oxford Online Reference).A best practice is a by-product of a successful end-result. We aspire to keep our business to an international ‘best practice’ standard.


What is a financial needs analysis?

A financial needs analysis is based on information obtained during an appointment with a client.  
Advisers are required to recommend what they consider to be appropriate to meet the client’s requirements, based on their assessment of the client’s needs and objectives. This then enables the client to make informed choices. The needs analysis provides documented facts and justification for the adviser’s advice.


What is a Disclosure statement?

The Investment Advisers (Disclosure) Act was introduced in 1996 in order to protect investors by ensuring they have a thorough understanding of the services being provided to them and the person providing these services.
It is a legal requirement to provide the mandatory disclosure document before providing investment advice. It is also a legal requirement to provide the comprehensive disclosure document, on request from a client.


What does risk have to do with investing?

All investments have some risk. Generally, the higher the promised return, the greater the risk.
Every investment is different – this is why it is important to find out about each investment you make.  


Can you tell me more about the insurance process?

Please visit here for more information.


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